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002: The IMPORTANT Difference Between Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating

Can you have food freedom and still struggle with your relationship with food? The answer is YES. Sloane Elizabeth explains how food freedom may exist without Eating with Love and Intuition, but not the other way around. If you want to heal your relationship with food, with your body, and with your health, it is important to practice Eating with Love and Intuition (beyond just feeling free to eat french fries without guilt). But how do you tell the difference? Tune in as Sloane Elizabeth shares valuable insights and tips on how to start your journey towards Eating with Love and Intuition and becoming holistically healthy.

Just learning the science alone isn't going to help you heal your relationship with food. - Sloane Elizabeth

In This Episode, Sloane Elizabeth shares:

  • The truth behind her food and body struggles and how they came to be

  • What she realized about learning the science of eating and diet

  • What self-development is about and why this is important

  • Why it's dangerous to make comments about people's food and body

  • Her unique method of love and healing her relationship with food

  • What intuition is about without doing it a massive disservice

  • Your biggest superpower

  • How Eating with Love and Intuition differs from food freedom

  • How to have food freedom without sacrificing your health

  • How not to fail at "eating" and why this is important

Connect with Sloane Elizabeth:

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