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001: My Healing Journey Through Disordered Eating, Body Image Insecurities, and Becoming An International Food Freedom Coach

The journey to living with love & intuition is undoubtedly the most rewarding journey a person can take. But, it is a journey many take alone which can be scary and at times, lonely. Welcome to the first episode of The Sloane Elizabeth Show, a podcast dedicated to helping individuals find their way back to loving themselves and being more in tune with their intuitions through Eating, Moving and Living with Love & Intuition. Sloane Elizabeth is a wellness expert and food freedom coach who is here to accompany you on your journey back to self love and deep, true healing through science and spirituality.

You are someone that has the capacity and the potential to not just live a good life but to live an extraordinary life that is led by love and intuition. - Sloane Elizabeth

In This Episode, Sloane Elizabeth shares:

  • How science and spirituality can be used to heal your relationship with food and your body

  • What “spirituality” is really about, and what it’s not

  • Why she pursued the path of entrepreneurship

  • Why women should aspire for the high vibe glowing version of themselves

  • What “everything is energy” means and how to translate that energy into everything around you

  • How the power of intuition works in healing your relationships

  • Why toxic positivity is NOT something you should embrace

  • How Eating with Love and Intuition is different from Intuitive Eating

  • Things you can expect from the succeeding episodes

Resources Mentioned:

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